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.htaccess file creator

Access Tool
Name Any name will do
Enable ISO use ISO to authorize users?
Enable Passwd File use a password file to authorize users?

ISO Auth
Application ID Application ID must match ID from Application Registration
Check IP Address Check the users IP address aganist the local credential
* Global Cookie Name Cookie to use when communicating with central auth server
Global Cross Check anti spoofing mechanism
Global Cross Check Path global cross check mechanism will write temporary files here
Global Cross Check TTL how long the files are kept around
* Global Public Certificate File containing the CA's public key for verifying global certificates
* Local Cookie Name Specifies the name of the cookie which holds the local credential
Local Cookie Path Specifies the path of the cookie which holds the local credential
Local Cookie Secure Use SSL when sending local cookie over the network
Local Credential Bits Specifies the local credential encryption bit strength
Local Credential TTL Specifies the expiration time of the local credential in seconds
Local Cross Check Inserts the given string into the local credential
* Local Private CA key File containing the private cert authority key for signing
* Local Private CA Passphrase Pass phrase for the private cert authority key
* Local Public CA cert File containing the public cert authority key for verifying
Unauthorized URI page URI that displays an un-authorized message to user
* Require User Allow specific userids
DN Allow specific DNs (not recommended)
mtuiso-group Allow users of specific ldap groups
valid-user Allow anyone who can login to ISO
Allow List only allow these users

Password File
Path to Passwd File location of passwd file


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